life: an accumulation of stories

There are so many seasons of life that go unspoken. You have the obvious ones: “when I was growing up”, “when I was in college”, “when we first got married” , “when she was first born”, etc. But what about “when I lived alone for the first time”, “when I started my first job”, “when I started over in a brand new city”, etc. Currently, I am living in the latter set of seasons. The ones with people who come and go frequently, the ones where I spend lots of time alone, and the one where “Ms. Dunn” exists more than “Tully” does.

Stages of life are wEiRd.

Right now I am 22, living alone, paying bills, being Ms. Dunn to 32 middle schoolers, trying to stay awake past 8, independently funding the wine and coffee corporations, and fundamentally bombing the dating scene. No, seriously.

Everyday of my current season is a creation of a new story. Whether it’s my mom, my best friend, or my man flavor-of-the-week, someone is getting a post-work phone call with one story or another. Some of them funny, some sad, some infuriating, but all worth telling (in my very humble opinion). I decided – with the very persistent help of my best gal- to create a space where these stories could be heard and remembered.

Some days you may find a story about a very hilarious child in my class that is a self proclaimed “chunky chip” and determined to never take the stairs, or a story that is one hundred and seventy five percent me only venting about my inability to survive 7 1/2 hours of twelve year olds, my very poor cooking skills, the never ending battle of Chick-fil-a versus the gym, or maybe even a story about how BAD I am at dating (trust me, its comical).

Regardless, here goes a $48 investment in a website of me literally just talking into oblivion. So, without further ado, it’s Story Time.

tully sig .png


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