Picture Perfect

Social media has created a a mindset of perfection. We have a set of expectations set by people that we have not, nor ever will come in contact with. A set of expectations hat we try to meet in hopes of impressing people that will never have the opportunity to notice or care.

Being here in Memphis has its perks while sharing its fair amount of lonely moments. To compensate for said lonely spirts, I have made efforts to exercise (which has proven difficult for someone who doesn’t particularly enjoy sweating), spending time trying new hobbies, or on this particular day I decided to walk across the street to the park and start a new book. Now let me first start by saying that it was MAYBE 38 degrees this day confirming my high intelligence level. I walk over, hot chocolate in hand, carrying my new ~very cute and popular~ book (“Girl, Wash Your Face” sent to me by the sweetest friend), ready to sit down and be very “pinterest-y”.

Looking at my cute picture above with the caption I put on snap chat: “Perfect weather, hot chocolate, and a new book”, one might think that I am quite independent and artsy. I must be cozy and relaxed, right?


This is how that ACTUALLY went. I finally sit down on a set of steps at the base of a monument type thing after passing 6 perfectly good benches that just “weren’t cute enough”. Mind you the monument nor the stairs even made it into my ever important picture.. As soon as I sit down I answer a call that lasts a solid 25 minutes, pushing my relaxing reading time back a little further. Once finished rambling, I settle in to finish reading the forward (The FORWARD. Reading and attention span? Not my forte.) of the book (hoping to figure out what the hECK the title of this book even means) when a family of 5 approach to take family pictures. Said family of 5 has 3 children under 4 who are very vocal. Very. very. 

Anyway! Once the family finishes their painful attempts to wrangle their girls, I still haven’t started nor finished a single chapter in my ~very cute and popular~ book. Instead of beginning the book that I made this trek for, my already distracted mind decides I should probably take a picture of my (not so) relaxing day at the park where I (did not) get to read a new book.

1o minutes later, I left.

MORAL OF THE STORY. Life is not perfect. While this trip was not sad or bad in any way, it still was not at all how I portrayed it to be online. Pictures are staged events that I want everyone to accept as my normalcy. My social media life is wonderful and I wish I had it every day, but my freezing, loud, distracted park trips are reality. I cry at work, leave laundry on the floor, dishes in the sink, and I don’t always take the high road. Pictures are a wonderful way to capture a memory, while also creating a false perception of what life really it.


I still do not know what the title of this book means, at all. Yet!

tully sig .png


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