To Pay or Not To Pay

It’s time… a bad date story. Well, I can’t really call it a bad date because the date himself and our time at dinner was fine, it was the aftermath of it all that got coo-coo crazy.

I guess I should start by saying I am picky. Like “no he’s too nice” kind of picky. It’s a blessing and a curse, I know.  I also am one to think long term. With that being said if we are having a first date and I think you’d be a terrible father *zip* no thanks, next.

So with this particular guy, he did not meet my ever-so-detailed requirements in order to further pursue a possible relationship with. Instead of having this mature, adult-like conversation I instead just wained myself away from talking to him. That, my friends, was not a good idea APPARENTLY.

So a week or so passes and I am officially not talking to this person at all anymore and I get a text message mid “context clues vs structural analysis” lesson on Monday morning. And by text message I mean a ~novella~.  Short version is: I am so disrespectful. How dare I not talk to him anymore when he “actually really liked” me (Well I guess that was a shocker-OK)  and would have done anything for me. I am not allowed to have an opinion. WUT was I thinking. I am the just the absolute wOrSt.

ok.. I can handle being all up inside your feelings, but it doesn’t end there. No, then, said boy Venmo request’s me $100 with the caption “For your half of the dinner”. For those not familiar with Venmo, it is a digital app where you can send and receive money straight from your bank account. Anyway, my semi petty self sends back $1 with the caption “I did not ask you to take me to the most expensive place. Act like an adult.” To which he responds requesting $99 “For the rest of it”. However, instead of requesting his money he sends me $99. The boy PAID ME $99.

I waited. Surely he would notice what he did and fix it. Right?


So I send it back. Sent: $99 “For my half”

He thinks I paid him. He thinks I paid him. He thinks I paid him. 

I just cannot with people who do the absolute most!! How often do things like this happen? I know I am not the only one who has encountered a self-righteous “how dare you not like me” type of guy.


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