Love Well

Christmas. Every year feels a little different, time moves a little faster, but one thing always remains the same: togetherness. There is something so calming about the word together. An absence of alone and a presence of belonging. Together — where one can physically, emotionally,  and spiritually be comforted, validated, held. Holiday seasons hold so much weight. They have the ability to bring joy while simultaneously destroying it.  Remind us of our greater purpose while also making us feel small. Bring us closer to those we hold dear to our hearts with an ever piercing reminder of those absent.

This week has been an ever present reminder of how blessed I am by the family that surrounds me both biological and chosen. They choose to love me. They go out of their way to make me a part of their life. They seek my advice and give council when needed. We do life together – despite the physical distance in our daily lives. When I allow myself to really think about how well I am loved it’s overwhelming. I am selfish and often question God when it comes to singleness. Something that we as a society (or maybe just my generation) has deemed a label of insufficiency. “I am not enough.” Christmas to me is a very love-filled, romantic season that can quickly bring spurts of sadness and an emptiness that I want filled. However, in this season of both the holiday and life, we preach joy and peace. Two things that togetherness radiates. Two things that in the presence of given and chosen family we can bask in. Two things that make me complete and “enough”.

I am heavy hearted for any of my precious students not surrounded by peace, joy, love, or gentleness this season. In the midst of my abundance of love and comfort at home, I pray that they are safe, warm, loved, and filled with uplifting words over the next two weeks.

until later,

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One Comment

  1. Ruth Dunn

    Peace, Love, and Joy… what a great place to be in your life Tully …. you ROCK the words and emotions.
    Praying for Peace to your students with loving joy mixed into their lives. … and you are one of their mentors. Lucky them!! ♥️


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