Total Diet Duds

If you’ve ever met someone who was determined to fall victim of  E V E R Y  diet fad known to (wo)man, it was me. Let’s do a quick recap of the pro’s and con’s of my most recent diet dabblings.

First up, KETO.

Let me just start by saying that, for me, this diet sucked. I follow several bloggers who still stick to this low carb, high fat lifestyle and have seen significant results. My body type, however, responded with little weight loss, major headaches, increased acne, and FUNKY breath. My suggestion? Do legitimate research, know what to expect so that you can respond to your body accordingly. Also, commit to preparing recipes, otherwise, you’ll be eating strictly chicken and veggies or just skipping meals days on end.

Next, The Military Diet. 

This three day diet promised 10 pounds gone. Only thing I lost was my sanity. I did this one with my roommate in college. For lunch you were allowed to eat 1/2 cup of tuna
1 slice of toast, and 1 cup of coffee or tea. ‘Nough said. Never again.

Another was Veganism

One summer, I decided to watch What the Health on Netflix and let me tell you I was far too educated by the end of it. The things I now know about cows milk, chicken eggs, chicken products, etc are disturbing. Needless to say, the second the credits reeled I gave up all things animal related for a solid three months. I survived solely on carrots, hummus, water, and fruit. Yes, eventually I reverted to my old meat eating ways, but if we’re being honest, if it weren’t for my undying love for Chick-fil-a and it’s uncanny ability to weasel its way into my life, I would probably have stuck to it much longer. If you need a soul wrenching diet change – watch What the Health and stay away from Chick-fil-a.

Then there’s always the Stay Busy & Don’t Eat Until You Literally Starve & Eat Everything You See method.

This one is my favorite. It’s that accidental diet that happens to us busy body’s. The one where you’re just living life, doing all the things, and it hits you. You know the feeling. The one where you better find something to eat A$AP or we about to start eating inanimate objects. You know it’s true. I’m as guilty as the day is long of this one, but it’s –pretty noneffective and leaves you feeling pretty hangry. 0/10 recommend.

M Y   P O I N T 

You see my point, diet fads are my thing and I’m pro at proving them ineffective. One thing I have s l o w l y begun to realize is the benefits of clean eating, portion sizes, and an active lifestyle. Once I embrace self discipline and consistency, y’all better watch out! In the mean time, I’m working hard to spend 4-5 days in the gym, keeping my plate colorful, and drinking water like it’s going out of style.

If I could give you any advice, it would be to avoid the scale (I’m rolling my own eyes right here). Rely on how you feel, your mindset, your skin, and how well you sleep to determine the effectiveness of your lifestyle. Our body sends us a volume of signals of our internal health that we are so quick to ignore if it means we can meet a goal on a scale. When we discover how to create a cohesive relationship between what our body needs and what we expect from it, nothing can stop us from loving our body and changing it at the same time.



until later,

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  1. Suzi

    Hey Tully! It’s Suzi Sailors 👋🏼 So my situation is a bit different… I’m 29 and have two children. After baby number two I was having the WORST time losing even one pound and In fact gained 10 after I stopped breastfeeding. I had ZERO energy to workout. Literally, nothing extra to give after working a full time job and my ultimate job of motherhood and homemaker! I have never had to diet before now. The Keto diet has had a tremendous affect on my mind, body and soul. I’ve actually developed a craving for exercise. Even looking forward to it after a 13hr shift as a nurse. I haven’t felt this good in years, probably close to 5. The ketogenic diet isn’t intended to be a lifelong journey although some people are better at it than others (not meeeee, I’m looking forward to obtaining my ideal goals going into it AND then transitioning to a more sustainable lifestyle change) This has been the hardest thing to do because when you have a family, you have to make two separate meals (most of the time). But once you get the hang of things and several go to recipes, substitutes for your favorite things— it gets so much easier. I’ve also learned in my extensive research and groups I follow that people who benefit from this diet need to lose 20lbs and more!

    Everybody is different and their bodies respond differently to each “fad diet” Completely Eliminating any one food group is just not ever a good idea. We need those things for a reason!

    Thanks for this info and your sweet encouraging words. I think you’re precious and beautiful inside and out! A great word of advice is paying attention to your own body and giving whatever works for you your full efforts 😘


    1. tullyhope

      I’m so glad you shared this with me! You are absolutely right, all of our bodies are vastly different and some things work for some that don’t for others! Like I had hinted towards before, recipes and cooking aren’t my forte making the Ketogenic diet pretty miserable for me! Best of luck to you!!

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