My Favorite Lip + Recent Target Find


There is rarely a day that I leave for work, or shopping, or the grocery without a vibrant lip color to finish my look. I love lipstick. It is so fun and can add a totally different feel to every outfit. As a teacher, I spend the majority of my days chewing gum, sipping on water (or coffee), and my favorite thing, talking. These three things are the epitome of lipstick destruction. It has taken me years to sift through hundreds of lipsticks to finally find one that S T A Y S. 

This is it.

Revlon Ultra HD Matte in the color Obsession. It’s seriously amazing. Right now, I have it in 4 colors and this is one of my all time favorites. The other color that I use religiously (today’s choice) is in the shade Addiction. Both are bright, fun, and a little flirtatious! 😉

What goes with the perfect lip color better than a fabulous pair of sunglasses? I am a sunglasses hoarder to the m a x . At any given moment there are at least 2-4 pairs of sunglasses in my purse or car. However, I made an 8 hour trip to the beach last month and managed to take ZERO pairs of sunglasses. None! Sounds like a perfect excuse for a target run to me… Which is where I found these. They go with literally everything. Get you some!

Last, but most DEF not least. T h i s  b a g…. It’s the cutest little hand bag I have bought yet, AND it was on clearance for a whopping $13. I’m obsessed. Now, because it was on clearance, it won’t let you order online, but I’ll attach the link anyway (just in case). Here ya go!  Bright side is I JUST bought this bag 2 days ago, so chances are there are still a few floating around your local Targét 😉 It’s worth a shot. 

All 3 of these finds are quick grabs at Target! Now you have an excuse to walk straight into that black hole of ‘need 1 thing and leave with 14’. You’re welcome!


until later, 

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