Romper Season


For those of us that take 483 years to pair an outfit, rompers are absolutely heaven sent! This one has seen me through baseball games, shopping trips, even 1st birthday party’s. I am so proud for how long this thing has held up considering I payed no more than $15 for it!

I am always skeptical to order from SheIn, due to the chance of awkward sizes, but this one was a success! Unfortunately, I bought this little thing over a year ago so it’s no longer on the site. I did, however, find a few alternatives that are equally as cute and affordable! This one is from a similar site called Romwe. Here is another one from Nordstrom Rack. 

Nothing goes with a summer romper better than a good pair of slip on flops! I may or may not have a pair in every color. Here are some that will go with literally anything!

Lastly, per my Target Finds post yesterday, I bet you can’t guess my lip color! Well, of course!! It’s one of the two of my go-to Revlon Matte’s: Addiction. I’m going to say it again because it’s just that important, do yourself a favor and snag yourself some of this! It even smells good! 

Happy Shopping!


until later,

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