I did it. A whole year as  M s . D u n n .

She’s different than Tully.

Ms. Dunn is stronger, a little crazy, a lot invested, structured, organized, needed. I’ve learned so much about her this year. Experienced an entirely new side of myself — mentally, emotionally, and physically. I’ve grown to love her immensely. {And honestly, sometime’s a little more than Tully.}


  • tightly wound
  • anxious
  • on high alert
  • hangry
  • probably gotta go to the bathroom


  • loses important paperwork
  • calls other people’s parents
  • physically breaks up fights
  • confiscates phones like it’s her side hustle
  • hollers, like for real, at children

But, she also

  • gives 75+ daily hugs
  • laughs at herself almost as much as the students
  • consoles middle school heartbreaks
  • comes to the rescue when mother nature strikes for the first time
  • gets too attached
  • has an acute awareness to the mental health of her babies
  • the list could go on

I am so proud of her. As a first year teacher she has conquered so much. This year presented a plethora of challenges.

Challenges like

  • a caseload of 33 children with disabilities
  • several who experienced mental health episodes
  • navigating 7th grade math AND english curriculum
  • creating and maintaining relationships with coworkers
  • overcoming a racial difference that for some children is painful
  • discovering the cohesion between love and discipline

M s . D u n n . A separate life. A separate mindset. A separate set of expectations. Yet the same exact heart. The heart I, Tully, share with Ms. Dunn has grown beyond the confines of my expectations. It has been stretched in every direction, challenged beyond it’s initial abilities, and covered itself in tough skin while preserving its core desire to advocate for my special ed kiddos.


This post has no life advice to share with you, but simply a reflection of how I have evolved over the last 10 months! Take a second and think about it. How has your life changed, your mindset, your priorities, how you respond to situations, how you relate to people? We are so resilient, so malleable, it is truly amazing! Congratulate yourself on the growth you’ve shown no matter how minute!

until later,

tully sig .png


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