Jumpsuits and Straw Bags are IN!



Summer time is finally here and in full force with these Tennessee temps in the 90’s! Nothing combats scorching heat like a cool, casual jumpsuit, a light, easy handbag, and a pair of airy flats!

I am usually not one for small purses, but this straw bag was too cute to pass up! Straw purses have been the new thing here lately and I had to jump on board! This cute, small bag holds everything you need without giving you too much room to accidentally turn your purse into a Mary Poppins bag!

This Bebop jumpsuit, though. Y’all it is S O comfortable and it has… pockets!! I found mine at T.J Maxx, but they sell the same brand in different colors on Amazon and Belk for under $30! I’ve worn this comfy jumpsuit as a throw on to run errands, an easy beach outfit, swim suit cover-up, or even a night out! Needless to say, I love it. If I could teach in it, I totally would!

I’m obsessed with these sandals. I have them in three different colors! I teach in them, slip them on to check the mail, wear them with dresses, shorts, jumpsuits, you name it! They have become a must-have for my summer wardrobe!

PS. This fun lip color is Flat Out Fabulous by Mac! It’s significantly cheaper on the Mac website than Amazon so I’ll link it here!



until later, 

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