My Every (single) day Hair Products

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I am the absolute pickiest about my hair. I can’t stand when its flat, but also hate when its gunky after trying to give it some body. I have spent years trying different sprays, powders, etc and have finally settled on a brand that has met all of my expectations! 

My fabulous friend and fellow blogger, Mady Henderson, actually introduced me to the Kristin Ess line with The One Purple Shampoo. Since then I have loved everything I have tried of hers. From what I can tell, Target is the only place you can buy it in the U.S (I am prepare to be wrong, but thats what I’ve found).

Aside from the purple shampoo (that I use roughly twice a week), there are 3 of her products that I use religiously.

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1. Instant Lift Thickening Spray 

$14 at Target 

I love this stuff. I don’t typically have an issue with thin hair, but rather fine and silky which can prove difficult for adding body. I use 5-7 sprays of this on wet hair before blow drying. I have even used it as a texturizer (is that a word?) when I need to be on-the-go with wet hair and don’t want flat hair. It’s a trend, no flat hair. 


2. Dry Finish Working Texture Spray 

$14 at Target

After I have thickened and blow dried I usually take a curling iron to my hair. Again, back to the body. Every now and again I will use a straightener, but I have found I like a curling iron better even for just a quick end flip. I use this texturizing spray as the second to last step. Having color treated hair, I try not to put too many products between it and heat so I save it until my styling is finished. This spray doesn’t take much and lasts all day. I spray it at my roots on the crown of my head and then a fine mist over the rest of my hair to give a little extra oomph


3. Refine Signature Finishing Spray 

$14 at Target

Last step! My hair soaks UP humidity like it’s its absolute day job. Even the “anti-humidity” hairsprays don’t phase this hair. Frustrating! Until I tried this one. This spray is super fine, not sticky, and doesn’t have an overpowering smell at all. Nothing grosses me out more than walking around smelling like my hair could catch on fire from hairspray fumes. I use a wide tooth shower comb to comb through my hair after I’ve sprayed this and let it sit for a second. It lasts all day and I  l o v e  it! 

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Another product that I use maybe once a week is the Instant Exfoliating Scalp Scrub. Unfortunately, I have two places on my head that dry out so easily but have found that this scrub removes all the buildup while also keeping it at bay! The bottle has a pointed end so help get it in just the right places. It’s a sugar complex scrub that helps avoid over drying while removing buildup. Also, it has glitter. But it washes out. Sadly. 

She has so many other products that I cannot wait to try, but am forcing myself to finish my old products before buying all new ones . . . adult decision of the day complete. My hair dryer is trying so hard to die on me and as soon as she does you can bet I’m investing in her white and shiny blow dryer!

As far as dry shampoo goes, with blonde hair I typically have the best results with baby powder. Sounds gross, but its extremely effective and washes out so easily! However, if I can ever talk myself out of how wonderful it is, I have heard nothing but raving reviews on the Kristin Ess Reviving Dry Shampoo and may try it soon enough! 


Until later,

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