Makeup to Combat Oily Skin

I don’t know what’s better: dry, combination, or oily skin, but I can tell you one thing living in the south with oily skin can be quite a challenge when it comes to makeup! I have thrown dozens of products away because they do nothing but cause my makeup to just slide right off my face. As if it needs any help!!

I have finally found some everyday products that help control my oily skin while also staying in place for the whole day. Between primers, concealers, and foundations, these are my favorites as of now!

1. Estee Lauder Double Wear Foundation 

This has been my foundation for several years now and I don’t plan to stray any time soon. It is full coverage, but not cakey. For winter months I usually wear Desert Beige and for summer months I wear Tawny. In the past I have used a beauty blender like this one to apply, but have recently switched to a foundation brush like this one. I only prefer the brush because of how much easier it is to clean! This foundation has gotten me through rainy days, scorching heat, after work gym sessions, and so much more. It runs about $40 and I get mine from Dillards or Belk, but you can order straight from their website too.

By the way, if you go into the department store they will test different shades on your skin and give you a sample bottle to take home to try before fully committing! 


2. L’Oreal Infallible Pro-Matte 

Before I went all department-store-makeup mode, this was my go to! It is a whopping $8 a Target and can also be found at Ulta, CVS, or Walmart. This one is a little less breathable and tends to cake a little more than the Estee Lauder. However, it still lasts all day and provides full coverage. There are a wide range shades, but I would normally wear Natural Beige 105. I always applied this product with a beauty blender. It fought off my oiliness like a champ and if I am in a fix and need something quick I can always find this one easily.


3. Tarte Shape Tape Concealer 

This stuff is magic. Flat out, the end. For years I have struggled with dark circles under my eyes and due to my oily skin nothing would keep them covered. Until I tried this! My best friend has used it for years and after trying hers over and over (and over) I finally bought my own. For those of you who are contour connoisseurs, it works great for that too! I bought mine at Ulta for $27 and I’m pretty sure it’ll last for 32 years. I can’t even tell I’ve made a dent and I’ve had it for 6+ months. You can order straight from the Tarte website, too. There are 30 different shades to choose from. I use Light Neutral. It obviously can be used to cover blemishes as well, but my Estee Lauder foundation does such a good job at that I only ever use it under my eyes!


4. Tula Face Filter Primer

If you have any experience with oily skin then you already know that primers can be a dangerous game! In the past, primers either make my skin too slick or completely dried out with no in between. One of my favorite bloggers, Katey McFarlan, did an early product test and release of this product last month and I ordered immediately after her review. Read it here. Packaged in a pump tube, this primer comes out slightly tinted and iridescent. As soon as you begin to rub it into your skin it immediately matches your skin tone and blurs fine lines and large pores (WHAT). The first time I wore it I didn’t even wear makeup over it because I loved the look of my skin so much. Since, I still wear it alone sometimes if I am not looking for a full face kind of day, but under makeup it makes everything look so much smoother and airbrushed. I ordered mine straight from the Tula website and paid $34 for the primer and $7 shipping. Steep, I know. In my opinion, though, it has been so worth it!


Final Thoughts 

Oily skin can often be such a pain, but it has kept me from ever having dry or cracked skin and for that I can be thankful! I am always looking for products that will keep my skin clear and my makeup in place. I’ll be sure to share as my collection grows! 


Until later, 

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